FRAK: Rauschmelder 14 „Tandem (Marseille) „

16.4. 20 Uhr

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Anouck Genthon, a French violinist and ethnomusicologist involved in the improvised music scene in an approach particularly sensitive to sound. Enriched by her double stance as musician and researcher, she guides her ear by improvised gestures through the surrounding sound-environment.

Ed Williams, a British guitarist and composer active in the Marseille experimental music scene. His approach to improvisation follows on from his training in Classical music theory and Electroacoustic composition.

Tom Malmendier, born in 1984, obviously self-taught, from the very beginning interested more in sound than in technique. His way to explore and to learn was to play with more and more musicians, everyone who accept actually!

Tom is now very active in L’Oeil Kollectif in Liège, Ninglinspo, Nystagmus, Bobby de Nazareth, duo with Cecile Thévenot, duo with Phil Maggi and a lot of other bands…

Taking inspiration from a mix of diverse musical heritages including baroque and tuareg, TANDEM meshes contemporary experimental musical influences such as electroacoustics, minimalism and free improvisation.
Sound and the act of listening constitute the core of this music.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in one or several of these venues!
Come come come and spread the word.

Herzlich willkommen


Das Konzert findet mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Verbands aktueller Musik Hamburg ( statt.