27.11.2015, 19:30 Uhr
Eintritt: Spende

1 SAWADA solo
2 Shizuku Aosaki solo
3 KOMOREBI (Shizuku Aosaki + SAWADA duo)


Since 1980, started to play his own music by using tapes and instruments.
He studied electrical engineering in university.
However, his first job was an editor of a music magazine that specializes in progressive rock.
After that, he was working as a sound engineer, and he sometimes played drums with different bands.
In 2006, SAWADA played drums as a member of  a psychedelic rock band.
Since that time, he sometimes plays in Europe.
He started solo performance „snare drum solo“ since September 2011.
Its music has received strong influence mostly from traditional folk music and minimalism.
Also he already collaborated with many musicians.

Shizuku Aosaki
Shizuku Aosaki plays a Celtic harp.  She is also a singer and songwriter.
Original New Age healing music
Traditional Irish music
Improvisation with audience by using „Magic Cards“
Magic cards is one of her improvisation style. She has some cards and an alphabet between A to G (C,D,E,F,G,A,B) is written on each card.
She will shuffle the cards. She will choose 3 people and ask them to pick one card.
try to get an inspiration from the cards and she will improvise.

Shizuku Aosaki (Celtic harp, Voice) & Morihide Sawada (Snare drum)
KOMOREBI means „sunlight filters through the trees“.
Also we can say „the interplay between the light and the leaves“.
We are making the music inspired from nature.!komorebi/c1kq2